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QHSE Policy Statement

At Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) we have always focused on our customers’ needs and built solutions accordingly. This is what makes us different, and what gives our customers a competitive advantage.


PTC is committed to provide our customers with the highest quality service to meet or exceed their contractual, legal and statutory requirements and codes of practice. We have a global Quality Management System implemented that ensures all regions compliance with ISO 9001, API Q1 and API Q2. At PTC we seek to continually improve the effectiveness of our processes and working practices.


PTC Norway holds an API Specification Q1Certificate (Q1-3228) with the following scope:
Provider of Gas Lift, Chemical Injection and Wellhead VR Profile Based Monitoring, Control and Intervention Solutions, Including Consultancy, and Related Engineering and Technical Support.

PTC Norway is also licensed to apply API Monogram on manufactured products under the conditions of our API Spec Q1 and the following API standards:

  • 19G1 (19G1-0019): Side Pocket Mandrels 

- Functional Testing Grade F1,F2,F3
- Design Validation Grad V1,V2,V

  • 19G2 (19G2-0020): Orifice                                              

- Functional Testing Grade F2,F3

- Design Validation Grade V1,V2,V3

  • 19G2 (19G2-0020): Dummy

- Functional Testing Grade F3
- Design Validation Grade V1,V2,V3

  • 19G3 (19G3-0003) Running and Pulling Tools, Kick-over Tools & Latches
                                   - Functional Testing Grade F1
                                   - Design Validation Grade V1

PTC Middle East is API Specification Q2 registered (Q2-0239) with the following scope:

Provider of Flow Control Devices, Wellhead Monitoring, and Intervention Solutions including Related Engineering Consultancy, Service and Technical Support.


Petroleum Technology Company shall:

  • Conduct business in a manner that does not harm to personnel, equipment or the environment. This includes ensuring minimal impact from our operations and activities on the communities in which we operate.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to top quality products and services by ensuring that all orders are delivered according to the delivery time and specifications agreed with our customers.This shall be achieved not only through the use of internal management system processes, but also by fostering strong working relationships with our suppliers.
  • Attain client feedback as a measurement of company performance. Wherever practical we will work with our suppliers to implement process improvements, and provide improved products and service.
  • All enquires will be responded to in a professional manner, ensuring that each project will be properly managed and followed-up.


At PTC every member of staff is required to be familiar with, and carry out, the documented processes and procedures which are applicable to their area of work within the company.



Our Certifications

PTC Norway

API Specification Q1 (Q1-3228)

API 19G1 (19G1-0019)

API 19G2 (19G2-0020)

API 19G3 (19G3-0003)

ISO 9001:2015 (805)

Achilles JQS (25066)

ATEX 9081X


ISO 9001:2015 (805-1)

Achilles FPAL (10051243)

PTC Middle East

API Specification Q2 (Q2-0239)

ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 4451)

US PTC ISNetworld (10051243)
PTC do Brasil ISO 9001:2015 (215514-2017-AQ-BRA-RvA)


API Specification Q1: Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries


API Specification Q2: Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries