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- Improving well performance and integrity

The Challenge

The oil and gas companies are under constant pressure to produce as efficient as possible with a minimum risk to the environment.

The Solution

In 2002, a Norwegian petroleum technology company started to innovate together with their customers to create long-lasting solutions improving the production efficiency and the integrity of their wells.

The Result

The result is a patented technology and a leading position in the world’s well head integrity market and a technically superior proposal in the gas lift and chemical injection market.




General Inquiries

About Petroleum Technology Company


Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced and innovative oilfield professionals, who were determined to innovate new and improve the existing technologies and methods in response to specific client requests.


Today PTC has grown to become an international oilfield service company with offices in Norway (Head Office), UK, UAE, US and Brazil. PTC is committed to providing value adding and cost effective solutions to Oil and Gas Companies worldwide.

We specialize in providing:

  • Unrivalled solutions for Gas Lift design and equipment, including harsh environment applications
  • Unique double barrier monitoring and surface annulus safety valve systems for enhanced wellhead integrity, including autonomous and/or remote controlled systems for annulus pressure management
  • Reliable Chemical Injection design and equipment
  • Annulus bleed off subs and valves



Who we are

13 years ago, PTC developed and supplied equipment and services to a handful of Norwegian based oil companies. Today the company has grown to become an internationally recognized provider of gas lift, chemical injection and well head VR profile based monitoring, control and intervention solutions. PTC’s clients include many of the world’s largest and most demanding IOC’s and NOC’s.


With a team of solutions oriented sales and service personnel, supported by a highly innovative and competent R&D engineering team we are confident that PTC will add value while reducing the cost of your operations.