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- Improving well performance and integrity

VR Sense-E

Continuous Tubing Hanger Cavity monitoring, with enhanced well integrity.

Robust real-time pressure and temperature sensor system that eliminates the need
for instrument flanges. The system is designed to maintain well integrity even upon impact or collision. Internal barrier plugs replacable in live annuli condition.




Wells with leakages on the Tubing Hanger seals or communication ports used for control lines, pose a considerable risk, especially on gas injection wells, to personnel and facilities. Continuous monitoring of this pressure is critical for safe operations. 


Conventional monitoring systems often use flimsy instrumentation tubing and gauge or pressure transmitter. This type of arrangement poses risks of incorrect readings due to instrument tubing clogging. In addition, the well barrier envelope risks to be breached in case of a fallen object.




The VR Sense-E system, provides continuous monitoring, even during ESD shut downs. The VR Sense-E is designed with two independent metal-to-metal barriers. Should an impact or collision take place, the API 6FD/FB fire tested gas tight VR sensor plug will remain within the wellhead.


Pressure and Temperature readings are done directly in the Tubing Hanger Cavity, eliminating the risk of wrong readings due to clogging.




  • Atex certified for Zone 0
  • Tested according to API 6A/ISO 10423 PSL3G PR2
  • Fire tested to API 6FD & 6FB
  • Dual independent barriers, replacable under pressure
  • In accordance with NORSOK D-010
  • Short and lightweight
  • Wired




  • Reliable data
  • Enhances well integrity
  • Saves cost
  • Small footprint


Pressure Rating, psi [Mpa] Up to 10,000 [69]
Temperature Class L-U (standard material) °F [°C] -50 to 250 [-46 to 121]
Flange Size According to Wellhead Spec.
Plug Size According to Wellhead Spec.
Process Temperature Range -25ºC - 125ºC
Accuracy ±0.5% F.S (Pressure) |± 2.25 °C(Temperature)
Output Signals Analog 4-20mA, HART® or WirelessHART®
Material Class (standard) EE - Sour Service
Flange Material Super Duplex/4130/4140
Sensor Plug Material Alloy 718
Secondary Plug Material Alloy 718/ Super Duplex
ATEX Marking II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga -20ºC ≤Ta ≤+60ºC
Applicable Standard API 6A/ISO 10432 PSL3G PR2

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