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- Improving well performance and integrity

Exit Block Surface Safety Valve MSAS-E

MSAS-E Surface Safety Valve

Enhanced well integrity for wellhead exit blocks

Fail safe close barrier valve provides an independent primary barrier for hydraulic control and chemical injection lines




Wells with chemical injection, surface controlled hydraulicMSAS-E Surface Safety Valve downhole smart well valves and similar systems require control lines all the way to the surface. A compromised barrier downhole may allow hydrocarbons to enter the line(s) and subsequently the surface control system, posing considerable risk to personnel and facilities.

Most of the current exit block valves are manually operated and not part of the ESD system.



Petroleum Technology Company’s MSAS-E, provides an additional independent barrier at the exit block. The MSAS-E is a hydraulically operated, normally closed valve connected to the ESD.

Should a situation arise where gas enters to the surface control system, the triggering of the ESD will close the MSAS-E, shutting off the conduit at the wellhead and thereby maintaining the well integrity



  • Based on API 6A
  • Fire tested to API 6FD & 6FA
  • Metal to metal seal
  • Proximity switch (valve position indicator)
  • Fail safe close barrier valve



  • Enhances well integrity

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