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- Improving well performance and integrity

A-Pro Annulus Pressure Management System

MSAS-G and VR Sensor controlled by HCPU

Annulus Pressure Management System. Real time autonomous monitoring and control of annular pressure.


Time savings and enhanced well integrity.

The integration of Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) field proven technologies provide a system for autonomous and controlled annulus pressure monitoring and bleed off.


Sustained annulus pressure (SAP) pose a considerable risk to personell, well infrastructure and facilities, especially for remote and unmanned locations. Monitoring and bleed off operations typically require human intervention.

The integration of PTC’s VR Sensor, Master Surface Annulus Safety Valve (MSAS) and Hydraulic Control Power unit (HCPU) allows operators to perform both monitoring and bleed off of annulus pressure in a reliable and safe manner.

The system can be configured to:

1) Acquire the signals provided by the VR Sensor in the Field Cabinet. Field Technicians can decide when to actuate the MSAS system.

2) In autonomous mode, the Field Cabinet acquires the pressure readings, provided by the VR Sensor, and based on the pre-defined set points automatically opens or closes the MSAS system (alarm signals for process monitoring can be implemented).

3) As the system is modular several options can be included with varying levels of redundancy and ATEX classifications.

• Remote control and monitoring of annulus pressure
• Wellhead mounted equipment based on API 6A
• VR profile mounted barrier equipment fire tested to API 6FD and 6FB
• Fail safe close barrier valve (MSAS)
• Independent additional testable barriers (MSAS and VR Sensor)
• Autonomous or manual control modes
• Supplied with a dedicated power and communications unit or connected to an existing power source
• Permanent or temporary installation

• Unlock production potential for shut-in well

• Minimal human intervention required
• Enhanced well integrity
• OPEX savings
• Can be installed on live wells
• No piping modification required (MSAS-G)



5, 000P psi Field Cabinet
Redundant Field Cabinet available
SIL (1,2) capable PLC’s available
Redundant I/O cards available
ATEX zone 1 & 2 certification available
Solar & Battery power sources available
* Please see MSAS and VR Sensor product flyers for product specification

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