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SaveFlo - Bleed Off Valve

SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
SaveFlo Bleed off Chart

Downhole autonomous annulus pressure management system. Safe and controlled bleed off of the annulus pressure.


SaveFlo was designed to operate in wells where annulus pressure build up needs to be vented in controlled manner. The field proven and barrier accredited design provides a simple and cost effective way to protect tubular strings and ESP cables.



Annulus pressure build up during well start up or due to leaks or gas venting is common. Annulus
pressure, if not managed carefully, can collapse or burst tubular strings, exacerbate integrity issues or damage ESP cable (ED). Effective bleed off rate control using subsea or dry tree valves is almost impossible and requires human intervention.



Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) SaveFlo bleed off valve provides automatic pressure relief with bleed off rate control. SaveFlo is installed and run as an integral part of the tubing sting. It will be set up to open and close at predetermined annulus pressure differentials, allowing annulus pressure venting into the tubing. The open/close functionality is achieved using PTC’s high reliability dual bellows system. A Well barrier accredited check valve prohibits tubing to annulus flow and the shear module facilitates annulus pressure testing. 


PTC’s proprietary in-house simulation software models the set up parameters and subsequent testing of every system validates functionality.



  • Autonomous open and close function
  • Tubing mounted
  • Adjustable bleed off rate
  • Barrier qualified back check valve (tubing to casing)
  • PTC Dual Bellows operated open and close function



  • Protects casing and tubing from bust and collapse
  • Protects annular elastomers from explosive decompression




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