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SafeLift & IsoLift - GLV

SafeLift & IsoLift-GLV

Barrier series gas lift orifice valves. Unsurpassed reliability and enhanced well integrity.


The reverse back-check valve is fully qualified as a barrier, providing a positive seal between the tubing and casing annulus. The unique check valve design results in a valve that does not chatter under normal operation.




Change out of gas lift valves (GLV) due to valve failures or non-optimum gas lift design can be costly, especially in offshore and subsea environments.

Interruption of, or non-optimum gas lifted production has a negative impact on field economics. Furthermore, leaking GLV’s often lead to downgrading of the wells integrity level.




Petroleum Technology Company´s (PTC) SafeLift and IsoLift orifice valves have a proprietary orifice and back-check system, which eliminates chatter and wear. This design has proven to have unsurpassed longevity and reliability, which reduces intervention costs. In addition to the valve geometry, PTC offers a unique life of field (LOF) gas lift design process, which ensures optimum design for all phases of the well.




SafeLift’s & IsoLift’s true metal-to-metal seal has been qualified as a well barrier for operators worldwide. It was designed, built and tested in accordance to API 19G part 2 and leak tested in accordance to ISO 14310-V1/ V0. SafeLift valves are designed to be installed in all side-pocket mandrels with 1" & 1.5" pockets, designed according to API 19G part 1. 1.75" SafeLift valves are also available.




  • True metal-to-metal back check seal 
  • Patented orifice and back check design
  • The check design eliminates vibration and chattering and protects the metal-to-metal seals from erosion
  • Barrier qualified
  • Premium metallurgy
  • No internal elastomeric seals
  • CFD simulations and erosion tested
  • Suitable for harsh environments (H2S and CO2)
  • Square-Edge, Stealth and Venturi orifices available




  • Field proven design and operation
  • Best in class reliability and longevity ensures enhanced productivity and well integrity
  • Minimizes the need for interventions


Size in. 1.0, 1.5 and 1.75
Orifice Size Range, 1.0" valve in. 1/8 - 5/16
Orifice Size Range, 1.5" valve in. 1/8 - 1/2
Orifice Size Range, 1.75" valve in. 1/8 - 11/16
Orifice Type Square-Edge/Stealth/Venturi
Body Material Alloy 718 (other material on request)
Seal Stack Material FKM/PTFE/PEEK
Max Operating Pressure for 1.0" psi [Mpa] 7 500 [51]
Max Operating Pressure for 1.5" & 1.75" psi [Mpa] 10 000 [69]
Max Operating Temperature for 1.0" °F [°C] 365 [185]
Max Operating Temperature for 1.5" & 1.75" °F [°C] 329 [165]
Min Operating Temperature °F [°C] 64.4 [18]
Applicable Standards, SafeLift Series API 19G2 - V1 TR2385 - 20cc/15min [0cc/15min - V0]
Applicable Standards, IsoLift Series API 19G2 - V1 PTC Leak Criteria - 3,5 scf/d (10% of API)

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