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SafeLift IPO Injection Pressure Operated Gas Lift Valves

SafeLift IPO

PTC’s SafeLift® IPO Valve is the only valve accredited to the most extreme barrier and erosion testing requirements. SafeLift® IPO’s unique bellows technology and erosion and chatter resistant check valve design, provides enhanced well integrity and well up-time. Since its introduction in 2007, the product family has achieved significant market penetration with all major Operating Companies.



Unloading valve reliability issues often arise as traditional bellows systems have major limitations when it comes to pressure, open & close cycles and temperature. These effects are more pronounced in deeper, hotter wells.



PTC has developed a revolutionary dual operating
bellows system that once installed in a gas lift valve can be charged to more than 12 500 psi.


The system is built such that the stem tip is lifted a full ¼" off the seat during unloading operation, not a fraction of an inch, which is typical in the industry. This enables SafeLift IPO valves to be used as operating valves.



  • Dual edge welded bellow filled with silicone oil

  • Field proven design and operation

  • True metal-to-metal back check seal

  • Patented orifice and back check design

  • The check design eliminates vibration and chattering and protects the metal-to-metal seals from erosion

  • Barrier qualified

  • Premium metallurgy

  • Can be used as an operation valve

  • CFD simulations and erosion tested

  • Suitable for harsh environments (H2S and CO2)



  • Reduced "multi-pointing"

  • Best in class reliability and longevity ensures enhanced productivity

  • Minimizes the need for interventions


For specifications please see relevant product flyer.

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