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NexLift RO Gas Lift Mandrel

NexLift RO
NexLift RO & NexLift SI
NexLift RO
NexLift RO

PTC’s NexLift ROTM is an innovative Side Pocket Mandrel with only two circumferential welds, manufactured using proprietary robotic TIG welding eliminating many of the shortcomings in the conventional manufacturing processes. This enhances the quality and reduces the risk of completion failure along with issues related to intervention operations. International Operating Companies are now installing the field proven NexLift ROTM worldwide.



Current manufacturing processes for conventional side pocket mandrels (SPM) have inherent challenges related to welding and heat-treatment.


Welding and post weld heat treatment rely on extensive human intervention, requiring stringent and elaborate QA/QC processes exceeding the current standards. As such,
satisfactory repeatability of the manufacturing process is difficult to achieve.



By utilizing modern manufacturing technologies and an innovative mandrel design, PTC has managed to minimize the number of orbital welds, and enhanced the control of post weld heat treatment, robotic welding ensures the repeatability of the manufacturing process.


Petroleum Technology Company’s NexLift RO™ and RO-CI™ SPMs with significantly enhanced design, modern manufacturing process and rigorous QA/QC provide the best repeatable quality and therefore the most robust welded side pocket mandrel available in the market place today. PTC’s strict manufacturing process, that exceeds API's 19G1 requirements, assures unsurpassed quality and full compatibility with the gas lift or chemical injection valves designed and manufactured in accordance to the API 19G2 standard


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  • Rigorous QA/QC satisfying and exceeding API 19G1 Q1 standard

  • Only 2 orbital robotic TIG welds

  • Enhanced ID geometry

  • Long uninterrupted discriminator slot with rounded edges

  • Machined by-pass slots for cables and control lines

  • Hinged keeper plates for by-pass lines

  • Gas Lift and Chemical injection applications



  • Best in class QA/QC, repeatable high-quality welds

  • Enhanced structural integrity

  • Less welds, chamfers and grooves and full-length discriminator slot with rounded edges improves the success rate of the KOT operations

  • No loose parts that can be dropped in hole (hinged keeper plates)

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