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- Improving well performance and integrity


NexLift Side Pocket Mandrel

Next Generation gas lift mandrel.


Modern production methods provide unrivalled quality and performance.




Current manufacturing processes for conventional side pocket mandrels (SPM) have inherent challenges related to welding and heat-treatment.


Challenges caused by manufacturing processes such as welding and post weld heat treatment rely on extensive human intervention and require stringent and elaborate QA/QC processes. Despite all efforts satisfactory repeatability of the manufacturing process is difficult to achieve.




By utilizing modern manufacturing technologies and an innovative mandrel design, PTC has managed to minimize the number of orbital welds, and enhanced the control of post weld heat treatment, thus ensuring the repeatability of the manufacturing process.


Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) NexLift-ROSPM enhances the robustness of the completion string and is the best choice for challenging well applications in which superior longevity, strength and enhanced pressure capabilities are required. The API 19G1 qualification assures full compatibility with the gas lift equipment designed and manufactured to API standards.




  • Minimized the number of orbital welds
  • Full-length tool discriminator
  • By-pass slots for cables and control lines
  • Hinged keeper plates for by-pass lines
  • Gas Lift and Chemical injection applications
  • API 19G1, Q1, V1, F1




  • Enhanced structural integrity
  • Repeatable quality
  • Optimal ID geometry to avoid WL miss-runs (full length tool discriminator and reduced number of chamfers and grooves).
  • Hinged keeper plates (no loose parts that can be dropped in hole).
  • Enhanced control of post-weld heat treatment. No need for final straightening.




 Size in. 5.5 and 4.5
Pocket Size, in.


Mandrel Body Round
Major OD, in. 8.070 [5.5]  7.28 [4.5]
Drift. ID, in. 4.653 (20#) [5.5],  4.545 (23#) [5.5],  3.833 (12.6#) [4.5]
Bypass Dimensions 2 off 0.551" x 2.087" [14mm x 53mm]
Latch Profile RK [5.5], RM [4.5]
Qualification Criteria API 19G1, Q1, V1, F1



NexLift-RO Ratings* 


 80 Ksi [5.5]      80 Ksi [4.5]

Internal working pressure, psi              

8.986                  9.974

External working pressure, psi             

8.974                  9.738

Tension, klb            

   662                     550

 *  Based on yield strength at ambient temperature without safety factor. Excluding end connections.

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