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GoLift - Gas Lift Straddle

GoLift Straddle
GoLift Straddle
GoLift Straddle
GoLift Straddle
GoLift Straddle

Quick production enhancement without workover.


GoLift Retrofit Gas Lift Straddle with Petroleum Technology Company’s barrier qualified gas lift valves provide a fast, cost effective and reliable means to boost production.




Dwindling production and/or sub-optimal completion design may require introduction of artificial lift or different gas unloading/injection depths at some point in well’s life cycle. Although a full workover could potentially solve the issue, the relatively high costs of such an operation may render the project to be unviable.




Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) GoLift Gas Lift Straddle facilitates the introduction of controlled gas lift into a well without the need for an expensive workover. GoLift is located across pre-punched tubing or even across an existing damaged gas lift mandrel. The GoLift straddles are conveyed by wireline, locked and sealed in place using standard bridge plug technology. The workflow, starting from the gas lift design and tailoring it with the available geometry and operating parameters ensures a robust solution and optimum production. PTC's long experience, proprietary gas lift design software, GoLift straddles and large portfolio of barrier-accredited gas lift valves (GLV) provides the most versatile technology toolbox in the market today. A variety of applications such as, single station or complete gas lift string (installation of several GoLift straddles with IPO and orifice gas lift valves), tubing, annulus shear or anti-scale gas lift valves are now possible with PTC’s technology.



Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective gas lift solution
  • Can be set and retrieved using slickline, el.wireline, coiled tubing or pipe.
  • Proprietary gas lift software ensuring optimum gas lift and hardware design
  • Barrier qualified gas lift valves (GLV) ensuring unrivalled longevity
  • Special gas lift valves for tubing/annulus shear and anti-scale applications
  • Available sizes: 3.5" - 7" tubing and 1" - 1.5" GLVs



Maximum OD, in. [Nominal Size] 2.70" [3.5]  3.63" [4.5]  4.25" [5.5]  5.63" [7]
Operating Pressure psi [Mpa] 5.000 [34.5]
Max. Operating Temperature** ºF [ºC] Up to 302 [150]
Packer Qualification Standard ISO 14310 (2008) V0/V1

* Based on Interwell standard straddle packer specifications. For non-standard specifications, please contact your local PTC sales office or send an inquiry to

** Max. Operating temperature may vary based on specific weights of the tubular.


NOTE: PTC's Gas Lift Valve operating temperatures and pressures are equal or better than the above data. Please see product flyers for detailed specifications for Gas Lift Valves.

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