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DuraLift - Anti Scale GLV

DuraLift Anti Scale GLV

Scale resistant barrier qualified Orifice and IPO gas lift valve. Improved longevity and well integrity in wells with scaling issue.


The DuraLift gas lift valve was designed to operate in wells with scaling issues, while providing reliable barrier function. The geometry of the valve has a unique feature that prevents produced fluid that may create scale, from entering the check-valve area.




Failure of gas lift valves as a result of scale deposition has been an issue that has plagued the industry for decades. In certain fields GLV´s have to be changed several times per year. Interruption of, or non-optimum gas lift assisted production will have a negative impact on field economics.




Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) DuraLift has a unique geometry to ensure that fluid, which could cause scale deposition does not enter the check-valve area, both during gas-lift operation or when well is shut in. Additionally, a special coating has been applied to the flow wetted parts, both on the GLV and latch, to further reduce the potential for scale to build.




  • Both Orifice and Injection Pressure Operated (IPO) valves
  • Unique geometry to prevent produced fluids entering the valve
  • True metal-to-metal back check seal
  • Patented orifice and back check design
  • The check design eliminates vibration and chattering and protects the metal-to-metal seals from erosion
  • Barrier qualified
  • Premium metallurgy
  • No internal elastomer seals
  • Suitable for harsh environments (H2S and CO2)
  • Square-Edge, Stealth and Venturi orifices available




  • Best in class reliability and longevity ensures enhanced productivity and well integrity
  • Minimizes the need for interventions




The DuraLift builds on the same geometry as our SafeLift series which is used as a well barrier by most major operating companies. It was designed, built and tested in accordance to API 19G part 2 and leak tested in accordance to ISO 14310-V1/V0.


 Size in.  1.5
Orifice Size Range, 1.5" valve in.   1/8 - 3/8
Orifice Type   Square-Edge
Body Material  Alloy 718 (other materials on request) 
Seal Stack Material   FKM/PTFE/PEEK
Max Operating Pressure psi [Mpa]   10 000 [69] 
 Max Operating Temperature °F [°C]  329 [165]
Min Operating Temperature °F [°C]   64.4 [18] 
Applicable Standards, SafeLift Series  API 19G2 - V1 TR2385 - 20cc/15min [0cc/15min] 



Life of Field Gas Lift Design

PTC has developed a unique gas lifted well design work-flow, which employs a combination of proprietary and industry recognized software tools. These tools cater for uncertainties and changes in key parameters over the life of field. PTC’s design tools provide operators with all the information they require, to make the best gas lift design selection decisions.



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