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SureFlo-R Chemical Injection Valve

SureFlo Chemical Injection Valve

Continuous, stable chemical injection with enhanced well integrity.


The reverse back-check valve is fully qualified as a barrier, providing a positive seal between the tubing and casing annulus.




Wells with scale or corrosion issues often require the continuous injection of treatment chemicals. The most common method employs the use of control lines to place the chemicals at the desired injection point in the well. Issues associated with the stable flow of chemicals through the control lines (no u-tubing), testing of control lines and well integrity have plagued the industry for decades.



Petroleum Technology Company’s SureFlo-R chemical injection valve has a unique design, which utilizes the barrier technology from the PTC’s SafeLift Gas Lift valve. The SureFlo-R valve facilitates stable flow of chemicals, prevents u-tubing and maintains well integrity. PTC’s Life of Field chemical injection design software can simulate the entire chemical injection system and determine the optimum control line size, and the Chemical Injection Valve setup.




SureFlo-R's true metal-to-metal seal has been qualified as a well barrier for operators worldwide. It was designed and manufactured in accordance to API 19G1 & 2/ ISO 17078-1 & 2.


SureFlo-R valves are designed to be installed in all side-pocket mandrels with 1.5" pockets, designed accordig to API 19G part1.




  • Anti u-tubing system
  • Dual barrier qualified back check valves
  • True metal-to-metal back check seals



  • Field proven design and operation
  • Best in class reliability and longevity ensures enhanced productivity and well integrity



Size in. 1.5 
Valve Material Alloy 718
Seal Stack Material


Valve Crack Open Pressure psi [Mpa]

50-5.000 psi [0.34-34.5]

Valve Primary Seal

Metal to metal

Valve Type Dual Check
Back Check Valve Operating Pressure psi [Mpa]  10.000 [69]
U-tube Valve Crack Open Pressure psi [Mpa] 50-5 000 [0.34-34.5]
Operating Temperature °F [°C] 64.4-329 [18-165]
Max Injection Rate gal/hr* [liter/hr] 13.2 [50]      
Applicable Standards ISO 17078-2, API 19G2 TR2385 - 20cc/15min [0cc/15min - V0]

 * US


Life of Field Chemical Injection

PTC has developed a unique Chemical Injection well design work-flow, which employs a combination of proprietary and industry recognized software tools. These tools cater for uncertainties and changes in key parameters over the life of the well. PTC’s design tools provide operators with all the information they require, to make the best Chemical Injection design selection decisions.


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